Top 7 Varieties of Designer Cakes

With the rise of modernization, cakes have also evolved in terms of size, design and type. The cakes that are in more demand nowadays are designer cakes, which are usually made fondant. Designer cakes are super fancy and can really add stars to any celebration. So, if you too are looking for a designer cake to enhance your upcoming festive spirit, then you are in the right place. Here is a list that includes different varieties of cakes. Read on!

Minion Cake

From children to elders, almost everyone loves this beautiful and adorable creature named Minion. Surprise your loved ones with an adorable and delicious minion cake and see the excitement on their faces after receiving this nice gift. There is no doubt that these hilarious lovable creatures will continue to grow in popularity when it comes to designer cakes.

Baby Shower Cake

For every woman, her pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times of her life and, therefore, nothing should be left undone to make this moment more memorable. And, what could be better than hosting a baby shower ceremony? So, if you are planning a baby shower ceremony for your loved ones, leave no stone unturned to make it unforgettable with delicious baby shower cakes.

Photo Cake

You can also go for a photo cake on your friend’s birthday. You can opt for a picture where your friend looks funny so that it looks fun. It can make more memories and also make the cake fun. Photo cake is also easily available online in many varieties.

Number Cake

Are you looking for a unique cake to celebrate your special? How about the alphabet cake? From the anniversary to the birthday, the alphabet cake can fit perfectly into the celebration. They are in trend because they provide a sense of personal touch to the recipient. The person for whom you buy an alphabet cake will remember the gift for many years to come.

Princess Cake

While little boys are completely in love in the world of super-heroes and fancy sports cars, pretty little girls have their own fascination with beautiful princess cakes. If your little one’s birthday is fast approaching and you want to impress her with something of your interest, nothing will be a better gift than a delicious and well-decorated princess birthday cake.

Jungle Theme Cake

Roaring, growing, whispers here and there, longing for every bit of fun and enjoyment. This is the magic of a jungle theme cake. So, the next time you are planning to celebrate your loved one’s special occasion, go for a jungle theme cake. You can easily avail online cake delivery in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, or any other place within a few clicks.

Superhero Cake

Following the recent trends, you can go for a superhero cake for your lil one’s birthday such as Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Groot, and many more designs. So, the next time you plan a party you can always include superhero cake in your celebration.

No matter what the occasion is, you have special cakes to celebrate the occasion. These designer cakes are available online in both egg or eggless types. For instance, if you are a vegetarian and love eggless cakes, you can go for eggless designer cake as per your taste buds.

These designer cakes are available in all the popular flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and butterscotch. These cakes can easily transform your party into a very special event. So, now liven up your special occasions with soft, delish, and scrumptious designer cakes. Just visit any reputed online website and order your choice of designer cakes. In addition, you can personalize these as per your need and requirements.


Getting to Know the Immediate Secrets of Different Cake Decoration Styles

Cake preparation does require plenty of practice, patience, lots of ingredients and good amount of knowledge. Baking a cake is not tough, but decorating it definitely is complicated. The reason is that it is the right kind of decoration that makes the cakes to stand apart from the crowd. Cakes can be baked for various occasions and reasons. One can bake cakes and cupcakes that are tempting and delicious and become a big hit among the social circle.

Customizing the cake

It is now possible to have cake customized to appear basically like anything. A preferred approach to improve the trends is to use fondants, due to its dazzling colours, smooth surface, swank surface, and noticeably crafted forms. It would also be useful to adhere to the two recommended icings which include lotion cheese and buttercream. Some fabulous cupcake and cake flavours including chocolate, carrot, lemon, white, red velvet, almond, orange, strawberry and pistachio! To get more taste from a bite of the cake, one can even plan to have good amount of garnishing. The top options can be a Bavarian lotion, raspberry, chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding, mint, strawberry, fudge combined with cream cheese.

Popularity of cakes

Well, baked cupcakes and cakes having fabulous toppings and decoration is sure to be loved by everyone. They can be had for all occasions, seasons, and reasons. The fact is that cupcakes are rising in popularity. They are fast becoming the new trend brand and is a wonderful addition to the main dessert. There are indeed varieties of cupcake options available that one can try out.

Designs and decorations

It is possible to have the cake decorated to appear more artistic. One can have images of Elvis, Mickey mouse, computer, Princess Diana, Barbie, Tom & Jerry, House and the like. The professional bakeries have employed experienced artists who are experts in their related field and can offer the best possible images that will appear life-like.

Cakes for various occasions

Cakes and cupcakes are an absolute must for various occasions. As a matter of fact, they do adorn the occasion and enhance its importance, beauty, and meaning. Cupcakes are favoured by children and adults alike. The Halloween party can be made much better with monster cupcakes. These can be decorated with toppings to create witches, vampires, ghosts, as well as monster deals. For birthdays, the images can represent the individual celebrating the birthday, his/her favourite actor/actress, name, or any other preference. The choice is simply endless. The person can online cake delivery Udaipur and mention specifically the type of decoration and design to be had. there are many online sites that do allow customization of cakes.

Even gum paste or sugar styled fine art can be used as toppers for the cupcake. They can also be prepared to resemble floral, sculptures, bows and leaves, etc.

The right cake needs to be selected for best representing the occasion. It is sure to be appreciated by everyone and enjoyed.