Mexican Fiesta Menu: 5 Best Authentic Mexican Dishes


You won’t need a passport to experience the flavors of Mexico.

With simple ingredients and a lot of love, you can bring the flavors of Mexico to your family table.

Check out these 5 authentic Mexican dishes and add them to your next Mexican fiesta menu.

  1. Carne Asada

This dish is known to all of Mexico and most of the south-west states, carne asada.

Typically using flank steak, though skirt can be used is a must-have on Sunday BBQs or picnics. You can eat this steak with pretty much any side be it rice, beans, guacamole, and tortillas.

if there’s any leftover, fat chance, you have yourself a nacho night the next night.

Carne Asada tacos are comfort food, or for those just now venturing into Mexican cooking, a gateway food.

Check out our recipe workbook for an authentic dish.

  1. Pozole

A food dating back to pre-hispanic times. Maiz or corn was considered a sacred dish only used for celebration or sacrifices. Go figure.

Pozole is made from hominy corn that has been previously soaked and made soft. This special soup dish has a pretty dark history. Pozole would be consumed with the meat or heart of those sacrificed and offered to the gods.

  1. Tamales for Your Next Mexican Fiesta Menu

Another dish that dates back to prehispanic times, the now humble tamal. Considered a sacred food to the indigenous people of Latin America, the tamal was often eaten for rituals or by warriors.

This on the go meal was the perfect travel food since it was typically wrapped in a plantain leaf or cornhusk.

Not much has changed for the tamale, except what is on the inside. Fillings that were once based on seasonal vegetables have expanded to meat, seafood, and even candy.

  1. Mole

With a variety of flavors, colors, and ingredients, this dish is more like a chameleon. Able to fit in anywhere and everywhere.

The most commonly known mole is mole Poblano. A mixture of roasted chilies and chocolate make this mole almost addictive with its sweet and spicy flavor combination

A dish cherished by Moctezuma himself. Mole due to its number of ingredients was a meal for the wealthy and royalty.

  1. Ceviche

Looking for a lighter dish? Try ceviche.

Traditionally prepared with fish and shrimp, there is no cooking involved in this. Combining lime and lemons and allowing the fish and shrimp to marinate in the citrus concoction is all the cooking involved.

It is recommended that the fish and shrimp marinate to allow the lemon to cook your seafood. Once the shrimp go from gray to red you’ll know it is ready to eat. This dish is also perfect to make the night before.

Don’t forget your onion, tomato, cucumber, and avocado of course. You can eat this dish with tostadas.

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Mexican food has many avenues to travel through. A vegetarian paradise that can quickly satisfy the most carnivorous guest with the addition of an animal protein. Your next Mexican fiesta menu is sure to receive rave reviews.

Low maintenance recipes like ceviche and carne asada are perfect for those family gatherings where you actually want to spend time with your loved ones. A night-in can be made even cozier with a warm bowl of pozole or mole. Nothing feels better on a warm day than a cold glass of horchata.

Interested in learning more about authentic Mexican food? Check out our other recipes.

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