The Best Time to take Whey protein



Whey protein plays a major role in building muscle mass and strength, as well as support your aim of achieving weight loss. This macronutrient is the cornerstone and an easy way to meet multiple goals at once. While many whole foods contain large levels of protein, one of the advantages of whey is that they digest quickly and start muscles developing and preventing muscle loss as soon as possible. You may not feel hungry after training while consuming a complete meal, although it is hungry to eat protein and whey which solves this problem since having a glass of protein shake is extremely easy. So there is a common question which is the best time to consume a protein shake. Here are the 4 best times to take whey protein.

1.  Post Workout

This is the most suggested time that is suggested to consume whey protein. After a strenuous workout session when muscles are craving for instant nutrition it is important to provide the muscles what they need. To get the best result you should opt the best whey protein that is available.

2.  Pre – Workout

Having protein shake 30 min prior to the pre-workout session is another perfect time for people who want to increase muscle mass. Having it before your workout exercise can prepare your body to take intra-workout time and then directly rather than just post-workout time. Ensure that your body has time to absorb the essential nutrients, so it is important to consume at least 30 minutes prior to work out.

3.  Before Bed-Time

The body goes without any food or water for a very long time when you are sleeping for 6-8 hours. Although you do not exercise while you sleep, consuming a whey protein shake before bed will increase the metabolism of your body and prevent the breakdown of muscles while maintaining your muscle mass during the day.

4.  After Waking- Up

Since waking up without any nutrient intake for 6-8 hours, a quick-digestion protein such as whey will give your body a pleasant rush of amino and the right note to begin your day. It gives you energy for the day for your daily activities.

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